Kennedy Space Center - Lançamento do Ônibus Espacial

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Encontrei informações sobre lugares para ver o lançamento no seguinte endereço:

No caso, por ser um Atlas acho que deve ser o seguinte:

O melhor lugar pra ver deve ser Cocoa Beach - Jetty Park

Where's the best place to park to see an unmanned launch?
Delta's, and Atlas' still launch from Cape Canaveral Air Station, and are closer to Cocoa Beach. Jetty Park is a county park with a public campgrounds, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Port Canaveral channel. It is a great place to see unmanned launches. The day after a Shuttle launch you can come here and see the SRB's (Solid Rocket Boosters) being towed through this channel, back to the Kennedy Space Center behind the recovery ships.
There's a spot along State Route 528 under one of the bridges where LISATS, the Launch Information Service and Amateur Television System (a ham radio club) gathers to watch the launch, and puts the NASA Audio out over a PA System. Click for directions. Tune in their Ham Repeater on 146.940 MHz.
Click here for information on Receiving Launch Holds and Scrub Information via Cellphone. This service, provided by SpaceLaunchInfo.Com, will inform you of unexpected holds in the countdown, or if a launch is "scrubbed" (cancelled) for the day.


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