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Pelo preço, o de $119 deve incluir o almoço com um astronauta e mais o seguinte:

New for 2012, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has introduced the Up-Close Tour Series featuring;

The Launch Pad Tour - Travel nearly a quarter-mile within the perimeter security fence of Launch Pad 39-A. Enjoy a close view of the 350-foot-high fixed service structure, rotating service structure, flame trench and other aspects of the launch pad complex. Tour includes photo opportunity at the pad and also drives-by Launch Pad 39-B, the Vehicle Assembly Building, mobile launch platform and culminates at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

The Launch Control Center Tour - Tour inside Firing Room 4, one of the LCC's four firing rooms and the one from which all 21 shuttle launches since 2006 were controlled. Pass by the consoles at which engineers monitored the computerized launch control system's thousands of system checks every minute leading up to launch. See the main launch countdown clock and enter the "Bubble Room," with its wall of interior windows.

The Vehicle Assembly Building Tour - Tour the Vehicle Assembly Building with an expert guide, see firsthand where vehicles were assembled for launch. Extra stops include a panoramic view of all launch pads from the NASA Causeway and the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

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Em Libery Square você encontra um enorme carvalho ("Liberty Square Tree" - "Árvore da Liberdade") onde existem 13 lanternas que representam as 13 colônias independentes americanas.