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Res: Sane Res: Lisandra, Cristina Mourão: magic band e fast pass - muitas dúvidas

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Pois é, veja o que eu li nos comentários da reportagem que trazia o video:

"The downside is that now you can only utilize the FastPass system for three attractions in the entire day. Before you may have been able to utilize many more than that if you did it correctly. That hardly seems like a benefit to me."

ThunderRoadJoe Disgusted • a day ago −
"This was a drawback for me too. I thought once the three Fastpass+ passes were used I could use the band or our paper annual pass to get more the regular way. I was informed by a cast member that no, because the average guest uses only 1.5 Fastpasses per day, the Disney folks decided to set the limit to three. Really, 1.5 at the Magic Kingdom? I'll have to rethink my Fastpass strategy for the next a visit".

yankeesusa Disgusted • 7 days ago
"Although 3 seems like a little especially if its between all the parks I myself and my family usually only use 2 paper passes. And with being able to change the times once you set them that is definitely a plus. I'm looking forward to trying it out if I'm picked for labor weekend."

Então, aguardo a experiência de vcs!


Em Main Street U.S.A. encontra-se um quartel de bombeiros "Fire Station n.71". Porque n.71? É o ano em que o Magic Kingdom foi inaugurado 1971.