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22 casos de gripe suína em escola de Orlando

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22 Swine Flu Cases At Orlando School
Posted: 12:41 pm EDT October 7, 2009
Updated: 5:49 pm EDT October 7, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Eighty-five Orlando students stayed home from school Wednesday and leaders at Lake Highland Preparatory School believe it's because of swine flu. So far, 22 students have confirmed cases of swine flu.

School President Warren Hudson says his school and others can only do so much. They have hand sanitizers at several locations inside the school. He says the cases are mild and no one has been hospitalized.

Monday, parents at Lake Highland Preparatory school received a letter stating there are at least 22 students with confirmed cases of the swine flu. More than 100 students were absent from the private school campus Monday.

Wednesday, there were 85 gone because there are parents who are worried their children have the virus, too.

"We think the child has the flu, but the doctor hasn't seen them yet or whatever, so the number could be more than 22, but we don't know exactly," Hudson said.

Hudson doesn't believe he's dealing with an outbreak. The school has 2,032 elementary, middle and high school students and. while the 22 cases only make up one percent of the students on campus, if the 100 or so who have been absent this week have the virus that's five percent of the student population.

"I just want you to keep that in context so you don't think we've got students dropping like flies around here," Hudson said.

This year, the school added 142 hand sanitizer machines all over campus and added soap dispensers in every restroom, but the school president says that's all he can do outside of doubling cleaning efforts.

The school invested in software that allows teachers to work with students at home. Warren says what he really needs is swine flu vaccine and he needs his students to get it.

"That is the long-term solution to the problem, what we're doing is short term to try and slow it down," he said.

The Orange County Health Department said they expect to get the vaccine next week.

Children, pregnant women, health care providers and people with chronic health conditions will be able to get the vaccine first from private health care providers. Also, as more of the vaccine is shipped to the state, open and free public swine flu clinics will be available.


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