Res: Sobre o problema com emissão de visto - Update de 22/06

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Update for June 22: Hello, everyone. Thank you for you patience today. You can read the full text of today's update on our website, linked below.

As you are aware, we are still in the process of resolving technical problems with our visa systems. Though some progress has been made, biometric data processing has not been fully restored.

As of noon today, 22 posts have been reconnected, representing about half of the global nonimmigrant visa volume. All our servers appear to be stable. There is a large backlog of cases to clear, but we have already made good progress. We will continue to bring additional posts online until connectivity with all posts is restored.
Our team continues to work on this 24/7 to restore the systems to full functionality. We are striving to have the system fully connected sometime this week.

We deeply regret the inconvenience to you, and we recognize the hardship to those of you who are waiting for visas, your family members, and your employers in the United States.

(mensagem de Fabio Liporace)


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