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Oi Bete e Rafa!

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De fato tinha mesmo o teleférico, mas faz um bom tempo que não tem mais. Peninha, né...
No momento, são sabemos dizer porque foi desativado.
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Fechou por causa de um acidente, olha só o que consta na Wikipedia:

Magic Kingdom
In February 1999, a park custodian at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom was killed when the skyway started up unexpectedly while he was cleaning one of the platforms at the Fantasyland terminal. Raymond Barlow, 65, was sweeping off a narrow skyway platform inaccessible to park guests an hour after the park's 9:00 A.M. opening when College Program cast members, unaware of his presence and not following pre-opening spiels, started up the ride. Barlow, startled by the approaching gondola, grabbed onto it and tried to climb inside; he fell 40 feet into a flower bed, hitting a tree on the way down, and died. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration later ruled that the area in which Barlow had been working violated federal safety codes and fined Walt Disney World $4,500 for a "serious" violation of safety standards. Several months later, on November 9, 1999, the Magic Kingdom's skyway was also permanently closed. Once again, the decision to close the attraction was supposedly based on factors other than its being involved in a recent accidental death.

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